Recorded Webinars


The Mountain Plains Prevention Technology Transfer Center (PTTC) has a variety of recorded webinars available 24/7 for your convenience.

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Social Norms squreSocial Norms 3-Part Webinar Series: Using the Science of the Positive to Increase Your Community Impact

1. An Introduction to the Science of the Positive

2. Introduction to Positive Community Norms 

3. Applying the Science of the Positive in Strategic Communications






Prevention Practices that WORK!

Prevention Practices that WORK! For Prevention Professionals in Region 8 States (CO, MT, ND, SD, UT, WY)









Hands w heartSelf-Care in a Selfless Field

(To receive a certificate please view the course on HealtheKnowledge)

Self-Care in a Selfless Field








Supporting Prevention Efforts Through Virtual Settings (2-Part Webinar Series)

1. Understanding How to Leverage Telehealth Technology for Prevention Services

2.  Legal and Ethical Considerations for Telehealth Prevention






Suicide PreventionSuicide Prevention Across the Educational Continuum (6-Part Webinar Series)

(To receive a certificate please view the course on HealtheKnowledge)

1. Suicide Assessment and Response for K-12 Populations

2. World Class Resources to Discover Genetic Risks for Suicide Death

3. School-Based Suicide Prevention Interventions for K-12 Population

4. Crisis Response Planning for Suicidal Patients: An Introduction

5. Suicide Interventions and Response for Youth Experiencing Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED)

6. Suicide Prevention and Intervention for Transition Age Youth 



Cannabis Prevention

Grow Your Knowledge: Cannabis Prevention and Policy (2-Part Webinar Series)

1. Cannabis Prevention Policy: Planning and Implementation

2. Cannabis Laws/Policies: Federal and Regional Update and Using SPF and Prevention Science to Inform Policy






v-techV-TECH Meet the Experts 

1. Emerging Issues Around Vaping









Scope of Prevention 5-Part Webinar Series: Prevention Along the Continuum of Care

1. Universal Community and School-Based Prevention Interventions

2. Selective and Indicated School-Based Prevention Interventions for Students in Secondary Schools

3. Prevention Relapse by Providing Comprehensive Oral Health Care with Substance Use Disorder Treatment

4. Mamas, Munchkins, and Methamphetamine: Evidence-Based Prevention Interventions for Pregnant Women Using Stimulants

5. Tips to Successfully Implement a Prevention Media Campaign to Modify Health Behavior



Square InformPrevInforming Prevention 6-Part Webinar Series on Adolescents 

(To receive a certificate please view the course on HealtheKnowledge)

1. Understanding Adolescent Development

2. Effectively Engaging Adolescents in Interventions

3. The Effective Use of Epidemiological Data

4.  Effectively Using Technology for School-Based Prevention 

5. The Effects of Drug Use, Such as Marijuana, on Adolescent Brain Development

6. Vaping Among Adolescents - What We Know and What We Don't



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