Recorded Webinars

The Mountain Plains Prevention Technology Transfer Center (PTTC) has a variety of recorded webinars available 24/7 for your convenience.

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Prevention Practices that WORK!

Prevention Practices that WORK! For Prevention Professionals in Region 8 States (CO, MT, ND, SD, UT, WY)








Hands w heartSelf-Care in a Selfless Field

(To receive a certificate please view the course on HealtheKnowledge)

Self-Care in a Selfless Field








Supporting Prevention Efforts Through Virtual Settings (2-Part Webinar Series)

1. Understanding How to Leverage Telehealth Technology for Prevention Services

2.  Legal and Ethical Considerations for Telehealth Prevention






Suicide PreventionSuicide Prevention Across the Educational Continuum (6-Part Webinar Series)

(To receive a certificate please view the course on HealtheKnowledge)

1. Suicide Assessment and Response for K-12 Populations

2. World Class Resources to Discover Genetic Risks for Suicide Death

3. School-Based Suicide Prevention Interventions for K-12 Population

4. Crisis Response Planning for Suicidal Patients: An Introduction

5. Suicide Interventions and Response for Youth Experiencing Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED)

6. Suicide Prevention and Intervention for Transition Age Youth 



Cannabis Prevention

Grow Your Knowledge: Cannabis Prevention and Policy (2-Part Webinar Series)

1. Cannabis Prevention Policy: Planning and Implementation

2. Cannabis Laws/Policies: Federal and Regional Update and Using SPF and Prevention Science to Inform Policy





v-techV-TECH Meet the Experts 

1. Emerging Issues Around Vaping









Scope of Prevention 5-Part Webinar Series: Prevention Along the Continuum of Care

1. Universal Community and School-Based Prevention Interventions

2. Selective and Indicated School-Based Prevention Interventions for Students in Secondary Schools

3. Prevention Relapse by Providing Comprehensive Oral Health Care with Substance Use Disorder Treatment

4. Mamas, Munchkins, and Methamphetamine: Evidence-Based Prevention Interventions for Pregnant Women Using Stimulants

5. Tips to Successfully Implement a Prevention Media Campaign to Modify Health Behavior



Square InformPrevInforming Prevention 6-Part Webinar Series on Adolescents 

(To receive a certificate please view the course on HealtheKnowledge)

1. Understanding Adolescent Development

2. Effectively Engaging Adolescents in Interventions

3. The Effective Use of Epidemiological Data

4.  Effectively Using Technology for School-Based Prevention 

5. The Effects of Drug Use, Such as Marijuana, on Adolescent Brain Development

6. Vaping Among Adolescents - What We Know and What We Don't



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